Is Art Subjective? Objectivity In Art.

Subjectivity in art is the word we use to explain how different people can respond to a work of art in different ways. Subjectivity is based on personal opinions and feelings rather than on agreed facts. A painting might be “beautiful” to one person and “ugly” to another, but the material object remains unchanged. And yet, to foreground subjectivity as the most appropriate response to a work of art threatens to overlook the fact that tastes and preferences do in fact change over time, just as morals and public standards change too. To put it another way: subjective taste has an historical dimension, even if we prefer to think it doesn’t. In art, we tend to place lot of emphasis on...

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Do We Need Art in Our Homes? Here's Why.

Why do we need art in our homes? It may seem like a simple question, with an even simpler answer. But, the real answer goes beyond the surface of just adding decoration or bringing color into the living room.   Here's why we all need a few special pieces of original artwork in our living spaces: Art makes a home more human. “The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Listen to the art.” -Junot Diaz Amongst all of the machine-made items in our homes, it’s nice to have something that can effortlessly bring life back into a room. With a work of art, you can sense the time, effort, and skill...

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How Do You Explain Your Art To People?

Are you an artist and wondering of what significance an artist statement is? If you wanted to express yourself in words, why wouldn’t you be a writer instead? Why can’t your audience look at your art and get the experiences they are after? This is just a tip of the iceberg of questions that most artists ask themselves regarding the importance of an artist statement. WHY YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN YOUR ART Actually, artist statements form an integral part of an artist’s career. And one doesn’t need excellent writing skills to come up with one. This statement basically serves purpose of giving basic introduction about your art to the audience. It is not an instruction on your experiences, your thinking,...

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10 Famous Abstract Paintings In The World

Contained in this list of the most famous Abstract Paintings are some of the most influential pieces that the abstract art movement ever produced. For many, abstract art can be daunting as often to the untrained eye the artists meaning and intent can be difficult to grasp. This is largely due to the lack of visual clues that are normally grounded in reality in other types of art. The early abstract artists were forging a path on new ground and their artworks spanned across many mediums and techniques. Gone were the safer constraints of more traditional representational art that had shackled artists for centuries and in was a new found sense of boundless freedom. The following abstract art examples are some of the notable...

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Beginner's Guide for Artists

This is a comprehensive guide for absolute beginners looking to get started in painting. In writing this, I considered what I would do if I had to go back and learn painting all over again. I have broken the guide into 7 simple steps you can follow: Step 1. Consider Why You Want to Take up Painting and What You Want to Get out of It Before you go out and buy all your new art supplies and start throwing paint onto the canvas, you should consider why exactly you want to take up painting and what you want to get out of it. Your answers will determine how you proceed and what you should focus on learning. I don’t...

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