Types of Art Category in ArtHeaven



The painting that imprints in ArtHeaven is the embodiment of western and eastern art. It’s infusion of these elements has brought limitless wonders that not only provides aesthetics that cannot be matched by others, but also realization that many of these artworks brings serene and tranquility to your home.

From abstraction work to pastel and to oil cloth work. Many of these artworks is brought to you by some of the most famous artists in the eastern and western hemisphere. Many of our paintings are naturalistic, symbolic work that can bring the buyer a journey through the visual element of the human psyche.


For ArtHeaven’s renown painters, time is one of the most essential commodities to them as deadlines are prominent in the artistic world. To theorize on time and space of Art especially, Time implies on the changes and movement. This implicates on the passage of time where an illusion of the creator’s creation could be an illusion in which the creator might not be aware of.

Time Art functions as a source for the painters to work through the changes of time and represents every captured moment in regards of their work. As evidence to many facts, time changes rapidly. To fully comprehend on time art, one must acknowledge the existence of the importance of time and what are the implication one that doesn’t have find it crucial to the existence of his/her life.


WALL DÉCOR is fundamentally one of the most important aspect in making a home more lived in. With it’s multifaceted sides of all byproducts, wall décor can fit in all sorts of designer based home with many intended to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who uses the space.

In terms of what wall décor we have, we have multitude products of wallpapers and tiles ranging from the mosaic wall tiles to the dark and sophisticated honey comb tiles that’s intended for a more corporate setting. Many of our wall décor could ease the way on how someone who pass by your room and be amaze with it. I say first glance, truly astonishing.


Living Décor are perhaps not to make a home livelier but to make a home necessitated for the average homeowner. It largely revolves around the personal comfort of the intended homeowners as furniture’s are the ones to be prioritize.

If you have a tv, buy a sofa that accommodates the way you relax and enjoy a long day of work. An avid gamer? Buy a gaming chair that not only makes it comfortable to game at your leisure but able to be comfortable sitting on a chair for prolonged amount of time. On a wayside, it’s great for any guests coming to your home knowing they have a comfy chair to sit and chill with you.


Having a lack of inspirational thought? You probably have a lack of what you called “Art Lighting”. Art Lighting truly brings out the ambience of the room. What it lacks in size, brings out the theme of having a large presence in the room. Prior to presenting a large presence and lack of size, products like the chandeliers offers a grandeur amount of classical formality to the room. Imagine a ballroom without a grand crystalize chandelier, it wouldn’t make it “grandeur”, would it?

So, the large part in having these art lighting is giving homeowners a more than stellar way to come home to. Either it be a disco ball or the warm cozy shack of Scandinavia.


Display Decorative can be defined for its miniscule statuettes that’s more prominent for Artheaven. Instead of the typical less is more, this is in the total opposite as more is more and bigger is grander. The typical designs for these is an aforementioned of sleek, minimal designs that represents as well the fusion of eastern and western art.

Artheaven offers mainly in these display décors of its “nameless decorative”. Each of these statuettes offers the mystique and mystery of these nameless décor. Every pose and every static action are a story to behold and tell for the people to the people. A great story to be had for a fun night in a barbeque setting isn’t it?




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