5 Most Famous Paintings in the world

Every year, billions of dollars are made from selling masterpieces in the museum. However, the period of art renaissance is over. Many masterpieces made in that era has had a profound effect on society as a whole. Alas, even with modernization and the declining interests of artwork in today's society. There still seems to be artisan trying to push boundaries and making their mark in history. 

Here we are to celebrate these work of art and how they came to be made. We put in the 5 most renowned paintings made for art connoisseur to appreciate the history of the artisan and their artworks.


1. "Mona Lisa"

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci
Date: 1503 to 1519

We start it off with the most famous artwork in history. With a mystique smile that radiates this whole portrait and a legendary artist that mystifies this entire portrait, the "Mona Lisa" cements itself as one of the finest artwork in the renaissance era.

The sitter for the "Mona Lisa" is supposedly known as Lisa Del Giocondo, wife of a merchant in Florence named Francesco del Giocondo. But historians have neither found any sort of evidence that she is related to that handle. What made this portrait so evocative throughout generations is because of its rich history being that it features a sitter being focused so closely to a half-length portrait. This painting style was groundbreaking during its time and has placed as the earliest known Italian half-length portrait.

2. "The Last Supper"

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci
Date: 1495 to 1498

The Last Supper is one of the world's most recognizable painting in the renaissance era. Held as what the name suggests as Jesus last supper with his apostle before his crucifixions'. Held in such high regards in modern society and through generations before it, Jesus was perfect in every respect, but the disciples he had were with human flaws and made monsters because of his influential status. He told all of them that there was one of them who is an apostate here in this table. Different emotions of his disciples were present in the artwork.

Leonardo Da Vinci worked on this artwork from the year 1495 to the year 1498. He did not continuously paint this artwork and had delayed an indefinite time before completing this mural painting. Things that were said was the head of the monastery had complained about Leonardo and his procrastination over the mural painting that quicken the pace of Leonardo's mural painting. 

3. "The Scream"

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Date: 1889

Painted by a Norwegian painter named Edvard Munch. "The Scream" is famous for its agonized face symbolizing the anxiety of the human condition. The inspiration came from Edvard walking along the road with his two friends. After walking, he was exhausted and leaned on the fence and saw deeply tinted skies in the background and blue-black fjord his friends walked on. He stood there trembling and noticed an infinite scream in nature. 

"The Scream" is also currently one of the highest-selling paintings in auction houses around the world. On May 2nd 2012, the artwork was bought by a Norwegian business magnate named Petter Olsen at an estimated price of $119.9 million. 

4. "The Starry Night"

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Date: 1889

Painted masterfully by one of the most influential figures in the history of western art was Vincent Van Gogh. The Dutch painter is famous for his post-impressionism painting and, in 1889, created one of the most fascinating paintings worldwide known as "The Starry Night".

After Van Gogh had a breakdown that resulted in him mutilating his left ear, he voluntarily admitted himself to the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole lunatic asylum, which he resided on the 2nd floor of that building in the east wing. That was what inspired him and the artwork we see today. On a nocturne night where stars dance aligns and a stunning moon blooming at a distance, Van Gogh was inspired by its beauty and painted "The Starry Night". The city was thought to be fictional, but the moon was truly what extravagate this artwork for Van Gogh and led to his masterpiece now "The Starry Night". Fun fact was that in recent studies is that the moon could be the planet Venus, as during the spring of the year 1889, Venus was exceedingly bright. 

5. "Girl With A Pearl Earring"

Artist: Johannes Vermeer
Date: 1665

This artwork was created during the Golden Age of Dutch history which roughly spans from the 17th century. The name we came to known now was by the end of the 20th century with the most notable name being for her pearl earrings. It is often compared with the likes of the all-time great "Mona Lisa" with many similar styles these two artists have.

It should be known that this brilliant oil painting masterpiece was never known for its portrait during its time but more of a "tronie". A "tronie" painting is known as during the Dutch period a study of expression, physiognomy of a person, either be it their age or gender. Because it was focusing more on expression, it was groundbreaking during its time for creating lifelike characters, depiction, characteristics and mannerism for its paintings.



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